Press release


Gilles SALLES, Lyon

CAR T-cell & lymphoma

Roch HOUOT, Rennes​
Marion ALCANTARA, Paris

CAR T-cell & myeloma

Cyrille HULIN, Bordeaux​
Laurent FRENTZEL, Paris

CAR T-cell & CLL

Véronique LEBLOND, Paris

CAR T-cell & acute leukemia

Hervé DOMBRET, Paris​
Maël HEIBLIG, Villejuif

New CAR T-cells derived from pluripotent stem cells

Michel SADELAIN, New York​

CAR T-cells and pediatric LAL,
the assessment of a 6-year experience

Stephan GRUPP, Philadelphie

What are the predictors of lasting responses identified in NHLs single-centric phase I / II treated with CAR T-cells?

Jordan GAUTHIER, Seattle

Overview of CAR T-cells
development in myeloma

Adam COHEN, Philadelphie

NHL and CAR T-cells – Analysis of the ZUMA-1 trial according to the number of treatment lines

Olalekan OLUWOLE, Nashville